"Li's paper Pinch" helps innovation and entrepreneurship build dreams

       To enrich the connotation of campus culture,Cultivate students' identification with national spirit and culture,Through the process of non-genetic inheritance, protection and development, students will be inspired to participate in innovative and entrepreneurial projects,June 29, 2023,Li Xue, a national artisan and non-genetic inheritor, visited our school's innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base,Carry out intangible cultural heritage learning and paper-cutting cultural experience activities with the theme of "Internet + intangible cultural heritage"。

       The activity was carried out in the form of salon, teacher Li Xue explained and demonstrated Li's paper-cutting techniques, from material selection, paper cutting, folding, shape making, paste, assembly, each process has strict requirements, fine operation, led the students to experience the magic paper-cutting art, won the applause of teachers and students one after another。According to teacher Li Xue, "Li's paper pinching" began in 1890 and has a history of more than 100 years, and the inheritor Li Xue's great-grandfather, grandfather, father and mother are all famous local paper-pinching artists。On the basis of inheriting the traditional technique of folding paper, Li Xue, the artist of folding paper, after years of innovative thinking, research and practice, has formed a unique style of creative and innovative folk folding paper art。In 2010, Li's paper-folding art was officially approved as an intangible cultural heritage project in Shenyang。

       The vitality of intangible cultural heritage is manifested in inheritance and innovation. The integration of "Internet + intangible cultural heritage" further broadens the development space of non-genetic heritage, and brings more possibilities to the sustainable development of intangible cultural heritage and the expansion of innovative and entrepreneurial project ideas of our students。

       Activity end,Principal Sun Yuhong awarded the letter of appointment of innovation and entrepreneurship tutor to Teacher Li Xue,President Sun pointed out: "The report of the Party's 20th National Congress made an important deployment of 'enhancing the influence of Chinese civilization.,He proposed to uphold the position of Chinese culture,Extract and display the spiritual symbols and cultural essence of Chinese civilization,The task of presenting a credible, lovable and respectable image of China。The school will further introduce the intangible cultural heritage into the campus,By carrying out "Internet + intangible cultural heritage" paper-cutting intangible cultural heritage experience activities,It has carried forward the fine traditional Chinese culture and strengthened the self-confidence of the national culture,To stimulate students' interest in traditional arts,Experience the charm of paper-cutting,Deepen the knowledge and understanding of intangible cultural heritage,Enhance students' practical ability of innovation and entrepreneurship"。

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