The school held a grand opening ceremony for 2023 students and a military training summary commendation conference

The rejuvenation of the strong country has me

       Autumn September, fruit fragrance。On September 8, the opening ceremony of 2023 students of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology and the summary and commendation Conference of military training were held in the school stadium。School leaders Geng Naiguo, Sun Yuhong, Yuan Decheng, Zhang Liying, Wang Hongpeng, Gao Hongzhen, Guo Xioli, Zhang Lei, as well as the departments and offices of the main responsible comrades, teachers representatives, all counselors attended the conference。The meeting was presided over by Zhao Lei, director of the Party and Government Office。

       At 9 o 'clock in the morning, accompanied by the magnificent national song, the opening ceremony was kicked off, and the singing was loud and powerful。

        Geng Naiguo, secretary of the Party Committee and political commissar of the military training Corps, announced the inspection order。

       Sun Yuhong, president and head of the military training group, reviewed the training results。

       Military training results report section, the training instructor orderly organized 2023 students to walk neatly, slogans loud, full of spirit, high morale through the rostrum, to accept the school leaders review。

       In the report performance of military training subjects, more than 1900 participants performed dagger exercises, enemy boxing, military boxing, grappling, tactics, group gymnastics and other training subjects。They are energetic, heroic, resolute and in step, fully demonstrating the training results since enrollment and the youthful vigor of college students in the new era, and winning bursts of applause from teachers and students on the scene。

       School leaders successively read out the decision on the recognition of "Advanced Collective and Individual of Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology 2023 Military Training Work for New Students" and awarded awards to the winning collective and individual。

       School leaders wore school badges for the freshmen representatives and issued Shen Science edition commemorative gift boxes to encourage students to study professional skills, develop comprehensively and continue to struggle。

       Freshman Yang Ziqi spoke on behalf of 2023 Accounting major from the Department of Management and Media。

       Students spoke on behalf of Li Jiachang, Class 2021, Computer Science and Technology major, Department of Information and Control Engineering。

       The faculty spoke on behalf of the Deputy Head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering。

       President Sun Yuhong delivered a speech "Starting a new journey, feeling Shen Ke to the future"。

       Sun Yuhong encouraged the freshmen of Class 2023,First, we must strengthen our ideals and convictions,Always keep the original heart, latent practice,Always adhere to the original heart of courage and perseverance,Personal ideals and beliefs are tied to the life of The Times,Integrate into the dream of strong school and powerful country with your own ambition,He is the Lord of his country,Take one person as part of the journey to rejuvenate the country,Let youth bloom in the great cause of modernization。Second, we must temper moral character, condense the heart and gather strength to raise static qi, cultivate virtue, and practice morality. While seeking knowledge and learning, we can mingde, cultivate virtue, learn virtue, keep virtue, adhere to moral laws, and achieve wonderful life。Actively practice the socialist core values, cultivate noble moral character, cultivate noble sentiment, and strive to be a new era of college students with both morality and talent。Third, we must continue to strive, unswervingly improve ability and strong quality, young people should become a great ambition, be strivers, practice true skills, study theoretical knowledge diligently, practice diligently, and be brave in innovation。I hope that while reading the book with words, you should understand more of the profound connotation of the book without words, and continue to grow into a talent in the temper。

       The conference ended successfully in singing the school song "Sunshine on the Road"!

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