Our school's 2023 freshmen school song and military song chorus competition ended successfully

        For the in-depth study and implementation of the Party's twenty great spirit,Actively guide the majority of young people to sing classics and promote righteousness,Remember the party's history of struggle and the eventful years of the revolution,Express the patriotism, love for the army and love for the school of our young students,Show the military training style of college students,Carry forward the Chinese spirit of aesthetic education,September 7, 19:00,The 2023 Freshman School Song and military chorus Competition was successfully held in the football field of our South campus。

        The military song is loud and magnificent, making people feel overwhelmed;Military appearance clean, rigorous and orderly, to show the youth style。In the competition, the military training companies held their heads high and their spirits were full, and the military training freshmen singing on the stage won bursts of applause from the audience with their neat formation, valiant posture and loud singing。In the two hours of competition, the 12 teams have different styles, they use a clean and crisp action, a sound of singing across the sky, infected all the students at the scene。

        One hundred years of looking back, long years, a "motherland will not forget" as if the heroes in the magnificent war drum shed blood in the scene of general repetition。With the flood of applause "Singing the Motherland" let us look back on the glorious history while looking forward to the future, and "Defend the Yellow River" "Green flowers in the army" "Unity is strength" and other songs will be the revolutionary period of the kind of bold, heroic feelings show vividly。

        The strict military training life has honed the will of the new MOE, and the singing of the school song and military song is the best way to show the dream of flying。With song interpretation of youth, here is young and young, here is energetic, loud songs echoed throughout the football field。We sing praises to the party, to the motherland!Sincerely wish the motherland more prosperous and strong!The school song is sung, singing our school 24 years of wind and rain;The military song is loud and clear, singing the passion and fighting spirit of Shen Ke students;The sonorous and powerful songs are the infinite expectations of the Chinese people。As the youth of the new era, Shenke students should not forget the original heart, remember the mission, we will listen to the call of The Times, based on the present, in the name of youth, to the appointment of The Times!

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