Three golden award works of our school were selected for the 9th China International "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

       Recently, the 9th China International "Internet +" College students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to qualify for the national competition list was announced, our school 3 groups of provincial gold medal project to qualify for the national competition, which is our school to participate in this event for the first time won the national competition ticket。Our school ranks ninth in the province's universities and ranks first in private universities。

       It is reported that in this event, a total of 155 gold medal works in the province, through the fierce competition of qualifying, the final 106 gold medal works promoted to the national competition, including 78 undergraduate creative group, 28 graduate creative group。

       The breakthrough achievements achieved in this competition highlight the achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in our school, and integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent training through the establishment of innovative thinking practical training curriculum system and the integration of "class competition, competition training, research training and industrial training"。

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