"Shen Ke reviews my Master" Reading Community Series activities (8)

       In response to the school's phased task of "passing the qualification assessment with high standards", actively promoting teachers' lifelong learning and cultivating high-quality teachers, the Third Reading community organization composed of teachers from the Department of Information and Control Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering studied the book "Creating Meaningful Learning Experience"。The book offers a new perspective on education, emphasizing that learning is not only the accumulation of knowledge, but also the discovery of personal growth and meaning in life. In this reading community activity, teachers focused on this idea and actively participated in the discussion and knowledge sharing。

       By reading this book,I think the real purpose of learning is not just to acquire knowledge,It's about creating meaningful learning experiences,These experiences will profoundly affect our lives and careers,This perspective made me re-evaluate my motivation to learn,Make me more focused on how learning can positively impact my life and career。

-- Teacher Wang Sainan

       The cases and stories are very enlightening。These stories show us how some remarkable individuals have shaped their lives by actively engaging in learning, practice, and exploration, which made me understand that learning is not static, but a process that is constantly evolving and evolving, and that we can enrich our lives by constantly pursuing new learning experiences。

-- Teacher Zhang Jia

       The author mentioned the autonomy and initiative of learning, and I think learning should be autonomous rather than passive。This means that we need to actively participate in the learning process, not just to cope with exams or meet school requirements, but to pursue our own interests and goals, and this perspective has made me pay more attention to my own learning motivation and goal setting to ensure that my learning experience is more meaningful。

-- Teacher Wang Jia

       The cases and stories are very enlightening。They show us how different people achieve their dreams and goals through creative learning experiences. These stories are not only a strong evidence of the author's theory, but also give us unlimited inspiration and inspire us to actively explore new ways of learning。After reading this book, I have a better understanding of my responsibility in learning and personal development. I have realized that learning should be proactive and requires active participation and practice. Only through continuous trial and reflection can we create meaningful learning experiences of our own。

-- Teacher Liu Tao

       This book is an insightful look at how to create meaningful learning experiences that are critical to improving the quality of education。By learning from these ideas and methods, we hope to provide a better education for our students while improving our own teaching。

-- Teacher Zuo Zhenyu

       All teachers in the third community said that by learning the book "Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences", they not only learned new educational concepts, but also said that they would actively try to apply these concepts to their own teaching practices in the future, so as to explore how to better create meaningful learning experiences for students。

       Deep ploughing reading road, gather wisdom fragrant。The development and communication of reading activities in this issue,Communication and sharing have been achieved,The purpose of mutual promotion and common progress,The teaching design of teachers is more brilliant and wise,Teaching innovation,Not only can students learn to understand, learn through knowledge,And it can turn the teaching process into a process of emotional experience with affinity,Let the book infiltrate the hearts of teachers and students。

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