Our school organized students to participate in the 2023 Northeast Asia (Shenyang) Talent Exchange Conference and the "Ten thousand Students Travel to Shenyang" activity

         To fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,深入学习习近平总书记在新时代推动东北全面振兴座谈会上的重要讲话精神,Guide graduates to stay in Liaoning for employment,The school has actively built a talent exchange platform for "bringing talents back to Liaoning" and "bringing talents back to Shenyang",10月12日,Our school organized 100 students to participate in the "2023 Northeast Asia (Shenyang) Talent Exchange Conference" and "10,000 Students in Shenyang" activities at the New World World-Expo in Shenyang。

        Li, who attended the class of 2024, said, "I am especially grateful to the school for bringing me to participate in such a meaningful activity, so that I can fully understand the current employment situation and recruitment market demand, although the employment situation is grim, there are many opportunities.。In addition, I also visited the special time slot of Shenyang, which gave me a deeper understanding of Shenyang and enhanced my willingness and confidence to stay in Shenyang。”

        The university will continue to explore the job market for graduates, actively connect with local and municipal human resources and social security bureaus, participate in such talent exchange activities, and provide more employment options for graduates。At the same time, our university will actively respond to the call, and effectively contribute to accelerating the construction of a strong education province, achieving new breakthroughs in the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning, and winning the "Liaoshen Campaign" in the new era。

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