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        Recently, the 9th China International "Internet +" College students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to qualify for the national competition list was announced, our school 3 groups of provincial gold medal project to qualify for the national competition, which is our school to participate in this event for the first time won the national competition ticket。Our school ranks ninth in the province's universities and ranks first in private universities。    It is reported that in this event, a total of 155 gold medal works in the province, through the fierce competition of qualifying, the final 106 gold medal works promoted to the national competition, including 78 undergraduate creative group, 28 graduate creative group。    This competition
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        8月8日,The 9th "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of "CCB Cup" in Liaoning Province came to a successful conclusion,Through the fierce competition of online evaluation and live competition,Our school has won 8 provincial awards,There are four gold awards, one silver award and three bronze awards,The number of gold awards ranked 10th among the participating universities in the province,A historic breakthrough has been achieved。    In the whole process of organizing the competition, the relevant leaders of the school personally planned, personally guided and participated in the preparation and promotion of the competition。With the leadership of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and the close cooperation of relevant departments and departments, all the students of the school have formed more than 2,100 project teams...
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        To enrich the connotation of campus culture,Cultivate students' identification with national spirit and culture,Through the process of non-genetic inheritance, protection and development, students will be inspired to participate in innovative and entrepreneurial projects,June 29, 2023,Li Xue, a national artisan and non-genetic inheritor, visited our school's innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base,Carry out intangible cultural heritage learning and paper-cutting cultural experience activities with the theme of "Internet + intangible cultural heritage"。    The activity was carried out in the form of a salon, teacher Li Xue explained and demonstrated Li's paper cutting techniques, from material selection, paper cutting, pleating, shape making, paste, assembly, each process has strict requirements, fine operation, and leadership...
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        In order to further stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerate the work process of innovation and entrepreneurship education in our school, on the morning of June 13, our school held the 2023 Innovation and entrepreneurship education Promotion meeting in the first conference room。School leaders Sun Yuhong, Yuan Decheng, Zhang Liying, Wang Hongpeng, Gao Hongzhen, Zhang Lei attended the meeting。Heads of all departments, heads of all departments and all teachers of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education attended the meeting。    At the meeting, Director Tian Chuan of the school set up a leading group and job responsibilities for innovation and entrepreneurship education, promoted the incubation of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and actively participated in the ninth China International "Internet +" innovation and innovation...
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        Recently, the 9th National Youth Science Popularization Innovation Experiment and Work Competition (Liaoning Provincial Branch Competition) sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Association and Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and hosted by Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum came to an end。In this competition, the teachers and students of our school concentrated their efforts to prepare for the competition, and finally won 50 provincial awards。Among them, 16 first prizes, 12 second prizes, 22 third prizes, the total number of awards in the province's 40 universities ranked third, our school won the "excellent organization unit" award。    Our school attaches great importance to the organization and participation of this event, and all relevant functional departments and departments have participated in the entire event...
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        At noon on February 22, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education held a seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship course construction in Shenke Makerspace。Full-time and part-time teachers of innovation and entrepreneurship attended the meeting。    会上,Teacher Tian Chuan introduced the school's innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum construction and curriculum reform ideas,Combined with innovation and entrepreneurship teaching experience,Share with you how to prepare lessons, class, curriculum construction and teaching reform;The course outline of "College Students' Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship" in this semester is explained in detail,The lecture sand table exercise was conducted,The problems and relevant requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship courses are put forward,Including teaching progress,...
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        3月15日,To further promote the construction of university students' innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base,Increase the utilization rate of high-tech equipment,To meet the needs of teachers and students using innovative equipment to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions,Our school held "3D Equipment Lecture Salon" in Shenke Makerspace,Two engineers from Shenyang Xisel Technology Co., Ltd. were invited to the event for on-site guidance。The salon activity was presided over by teacher Tian Chuan of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, and all the students of the six innovation workshops, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association and all the teachers of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education participated in the activity。    ...
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        On January 2, the "Third Liaoning Intelligent Manufacturing Science Popularization Creative Innovation Competition 2022" hosted by Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance and hosted by Shenyang Institute of Science and Technology was successfully concluded。After careful organization and strict evaluation by experts from colleges and universities in the province, a total of 224 first prize works, 336 second prize works and 547 third prize works were selected, 196 teachers in the province won the title of "excellent instructor", and 10 colleges and universities won the title of "excellent organizational unit"。    Intelligent Manufacturing Science Popularization Creative Innovation Competition is one of the college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition projects uniformly organized by Liaoning Province in 2022, and the event is fully organized...
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        On November 23, the 8th CFCC Smart Economy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Liaoning Province, sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance and hosted by Liaoning University, was successfully concluded。In this competition, our school won a total of 34 provincial awards, including 2 first prizes, 14 second prizes, 16 third prizes, and 2 excellence awards;11 teachers were awarded the title of "Excellent Instructor"。The comprehensive performance ranked fifth among 32 participating universities in the province and second among private universities。    Since the launch of the tournament in May 2022, a total of 45 competitions have been held in three provinces and one region in Northeast China (Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)...
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    Departments and departments: With the development of the Internet economy, the importance of network marketing in production activities continues to increase, and Internet marketing division and all media operation division have become new occupations registered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and a large number of new jobs have been created。In order to comply with the development trend of the "Internet +" new economy, cultivate college students' network marketing skills and fully demonstrate the achievements of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education。Our university has decided to participate in the 2022 Liaoning College Students' Online Marketing Skills Competition, and hereby informs the relevant matters as follows: 1. Organizer Organizer: Liaoning Provincial Department of Education Organizer: Dalian University of Science and Technology Organizer: College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education...
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